We are Lisa (30 years) and Oli (36 years) from Germany and Switzerland.

We met and learned to love each other in Hanoi / Vietnam. Lisa traveled alone in Southeast Asia and Oli had a permanent job in Hanoi. After spending several months living and working together in Hanoi, we decided to continue exploring the world. Currently we are based in beautiful Bali.

We also agree that we both no longer want to return to a 9 to 5 life, but to work independently and remotely. That is why we decided to live a digital nomadic life.

We are specialized in Online Business Coaching, Organic Social Media Traffic and Automated Sales Funnels and serve clients all around the world.

We lead a Facebook Group called TRAFFIC SECRETS ACADEMY of + 5.000 Online Entrepreneurs. It’s a community where we teach our business strategies, they connect with each other and exchange tips and tricks. To join, simply click here.

In fact we do speeches all around the world and educate entrepreneurs on our specific methods on Conferences, Business Retreats and Workshops.

We serve clients worldwide and work with them through 1:1 Coaching, Masterminds and we also offer our own Online Video Courses.

We already helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to build their online empire by using our unique methods.

Lisa & Oli

After I worked a few years for a big real estate company in Germany I urgently needed a break, so I went alone on my travels. This was planned only for a few months, as I already had a new job that I wanted to start as soon as I got back to Germany. But in life you can‘t plan anything! So I met Oli and we decided to explore the world together. I have lots of experience in customer service and sales and my main focus is on social media marketing and how to grow an business and the leads organically with very simple steps. I love to combine helping people with my Social Media passion.

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For almost 5 years now I have turned my back on Switzerland. At this time I runned a successful DJ and event company. After a few years I recognized that this kind of life didn’t satisfy me anymore. Money can´t buy happiness and I decided that I wanted more out of life. That’s why I sold everything back home and started to discover the world. I would do it the exact same way again and now i am happy to share this life with Lisa. On my journey I launched a few brands and startups. I have a massive background in sales and already looking back on a few successful businesses as an entrepreneur.

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