In general tourists will be forgiven a lot. Nevertheless in respect of their culture you should behave well so you don´t get negative attention.
We don´t want you to put your foot in it therefore we summarized the most important and interesting rules of conduct here:

1. The left hand is unclean
everything is received or given with the right hand.

2. The head is sacred, the feet are the impure part of the body
never touch a Balinese on their head. And while sitting you should ensure that the soles of your feet do not point to others.

3. Meet at eye level
if you talk to a seated person, you should sit down as well or bend down so that you are at the same height. Otherwise it is considered to be snooty.

4. Pointing with your finger
should be avoided at all costs. The Balinese understand that behavour as rude or even as a threat.

5. Small talk
the Balinese are very friendly and helpful people. They always want to know your name and your origin. At first it seems a bit intrusive but actually the Balinese are just polite.

6. Tenderness in the public
an absolute taboo. This should be absolutely avoided. The Balinese feel embarassed about it.

7. Clothes while visiting a temple
you should take care to cover your knees and shoulders. A sarong (skirt made of fabric) is worn by both – women and men. Women who have their period have no access.

8. Bargain
is common everywhere. Except for high price goods with fixed prices. You are going to have the best results if you are friendly. Nevertheless as a tourist you will never get the same price as a local.

9. Invitations
if you are invited by Balinese you should take off your shoes before entering the house and be careful not to step directly into the threshold. This brings bad luck into the house. Upon request you only sit down on the assigned seat. As soon as the host gives a sign you are allowed to eat and drink.

We hope these tips are helpful to you and you will enjoy discovering this exciting culture!

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