Right from the beginning we knew that the vulcano can erupt or will eventually do it.

In September the volcano already made headlines. It was said that an outbreak was imminent. But suddenly the situation has calmed down, the activity of the volcano subsided and the previously evacuated residents were allowed to return to their villages. Therefore we decided to fly to Bali.

Now, after less than two months, the volcano spits lava and ejects ash clouds all the time. This indicates an immediate outbreak. The last time the volcano erupted in 1963, 1,500 people lost their lives.

We live in Canggu, which is 70 km away from Agung, so we don´t need to worry about the lava. Nevertheless the ash which moves across the country is not entirely harmless.

Of course we pay great attention to the activity of the volcano and honestly – we are a bit worried. The airport has been closed for two days, you only can get off the island via long nerve-racking alternative routes. Last time the airport was closed for more than a year after the last volcanic eruption.

Currently all islanders inquire about where to buy respirators and whats the best way to protect yourself from the invisible ash in the air. More frequently we read about the residents complain about prolonged headaches and gas in the air.

We love Bali and we planned to stay for at least three more months. Nevertheless, this situation scares us a bit. The incredible power of Mother Nature should not be underestimated.

It doesn´t make the situation more pleasant that something that you can´t see with your eyes is able to harm your health. That’s why we feel a little queasy feeling stuck on an island on which a volcano spits lava and ash. Probably it´s just the beginning. Who knows… only mother nature does!

Nevertheless, we try to keep calm and keep enjoying our time in Bali.


Lifestream from Bali´s volcano Agung



photocredit: @niklagot

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