Now it´s been already four months that we live in Bali. And there is a reason!

We are incredibly flashed by Bali, but especially by Canggu!
The quality of life here is insane.

With +- 1000 $ you can live here like a king.

The temperatures are around 30 degrees year-round, you do not need to think about long pants and jackets.

We eat out twice a day, live surrounded by beautiful rice fields. As if that wouldn´t be enough, there is a pool in our garden, Kois swimming in front of our doorstep and the beach is only 10 minutes away.

As soon as we sit on the scooter and drive through the green rice fields and the sun burns at our back, you can feel the magic of this place. The fragrance of incense sticks and frangipanis is constantly in the air, while Balinese are walking around in their traditional sarongs, distributing their offerings.

Contrary to this, Western people are riding around in bikinis and boardshorts on their scooters. Tiny local shops can be found right next to super fancy restaurants. That´s what we absolutely love about this place. It’s so different from home but still so westernized.

Smoothie Bowl – you can find it everywhere. The healthiest way to start your day


The food options beat almost every city. The range of healthy and delicious food is huge. It is truly a paradise for vegetarian and vegan humans.

What you are missing in other Asian countries, you get here in abundance. After four months, we have not even been able to test more than a quarter of all restaurants. Constantly I discover new places and Oli hears me everytime saying “we must go there”. That’s probably the reason why we do not get bored. There’s always something new to discover and experience.

The leisure opportunities are amazing. Definitely you have to try surfing while being in Canggu. Oli has already some experience in it, but for me it is completely new. Which does not stop me from trying out. For little money you can book a local surf instructor who teaches you the basics. There are lots of yoga classes and Crossfit is also a big topic here.


Enjoying the sunset at the beach

If you want to relax, you can be pampered by a reasonable massage or a spa treatment. For those who did not know – Bali is the Mecca of alternative medicine. People from all over the world with mental or physical problems come to Bali to get a treatment by one of the many world-renowned “healers”. It is not uncommon to hear that these people completely changed after that and left Bali completely “cured”.

In addition, Canggu is THE Hotspot for all upcoming start-ups and online entrepreneurs and therefore it is highly networked. WIFI is available at almost every cafe/ bar/restaurant and a LTE connection is displayed almost everywhere on your mobile phone. We got a sim card for unbeatable 7$ with 30 GB data from the provider TELKOMSEL.

Anyone who still likes to travel around is well served with Bali as a home base, because it is super connected and you get low-cost flights within Asia.

Another option is to take a boat to one of the surrounding islands. We can highly recommend Gili Air, it was just beautiful. Miles of sandy beaches and crystal clear water are offered there.

Our Top 5 Food Hotspots

1. Cafe Vida offers incredibly delicious breakfast options. From Acai Smoothie Bowls to a big breakfast with avocado, bacon and egg to super healthy energy shots. Vegans and health lovers will not be disappointed.

Cafe Vida – Healthy breakfast with avocado and lots vegetables


2. Motion Cafe is located just around the corner and also offers a big selection of healthy food. We can highly recommend the avocado pesto bread – a dream!

Motion Cafe – Avocado Pesto Bread


3. Milu by Nook is in our opinion one of the nicest food locations. The interior and the direct paddy field location is amazing and the food is delicious!

Milu by Nook – Steak with mashed potatoes and salad


4. Make sure to visit the Echo Beach Club in the evening. This is one of our absolute favorites, to which we usually get just before sunset. It is located directly at the beach and offers therefore a brilliant view of the sea and the sunset. For diner, you go to a refrigerated counter, where you choose your fish or meat, which will be freshly prepared directly on the grill. In addition, you can enjoy the tasty all you can eat buffet.

Echo Beach Club – Fresh fish and Seafood
A plate from the all you can eat buffet


5. You should definitely try one of the numerous warungs. The traditional family-run restaurants can be found on every corner and are very tasty and very reasonably priced. Our recommendation is the Warung OKE. The location and view is really nice and the food is more than delicious.

Warnung OKE – Typical Balinese Menu
Our accommodation

Since Day 1 we live at Ryan Bagus Guesthouse and are very satisfied. Ryan and his staff constantly strive to make us happy and have always a smile on their face. Also special requests were fulfilled all the time.

It is located 10 minutes from the beach in a nice, quiet and secure area.
We always felt very comfortable there.
A lovely clean pool is the core of the area. The rooms get cleaned every day.
Some friends have visited us there and always felt very well.

The Koin Cafe opened recently, which also belongs to the guesthouse. They serve delicious Indonesian or western food for small money. On request, they even deliver directly to the room.

Ryan also rents out pretty new scooters for a reasonable price.

If you ever come to Canggu, we highly recommend this place!

Bungalow – Bedroom
Bungalow – Bathroom and Kitchen

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