A few weeks ago we launched a new course.

In this course we teach everything about social media marketing and how to put yourself out there by becoming a coach. We call it the Digital Nomad Booster.

We are sure that everyone has a skill and is good at something. And we are even more sure that these days, you can convert every business and every skill into an online business.

And this is exactly what we teach and coach in the Digital Nomad Booster.

Once you are done with our course, you will have all the tools needed to launch your own program and to become a successful entrepreneur.

Because of the Digital Nomad Booster we also launched a challenge to prove that our methods are working.

We called it 10 k in 10 weeks. We will show that it is possible to earn 10’000$ in 10 weeks, if you do it smart.

And we also set ourself the challenge to finally reach the 10’000 followers on Instagram. Everything organic and without any paid traffic or likes.




The first week was very hectic. We worked on many different things at the same time and it was hard to keep track and focus.

After one week we haven’t reached our target yet. But so far this is no problem. We are setting up many many things at the same time and preparing the break through!

And we think this is one of the most important lessons everyone has to learn. You have to bleed first before you win.

To talk a little bit more details. Costumers already confirmed that they are going to join the course. But we are still waiting for payments. Besides this we managed to set up different leads, which we hopefully can turn into sales this week.

The video course is delayed because of technical issues. But we are positive to solve this problem this week and latest to go live by the end of this week.

The project Funnel Startups takes the most work at the moment. Setting up all the promotions and generating leads for the webinar is hard work. But we are making good progress, and by the end of this week, we will know if it worked out.

Besides this we did sport, and followed all the rules we set to ourselves. So everything is on track and works out.

Week number two will become the hardest of all weeks, we guess. Because now the push through really starts. It is all about the mindset and we know that all the products we set up for our challenge need to go live this week.

So week number two will cost a lot of energy.

But we know exactly what we are working for. And if you follow your dreams, then you have to overcome the fear of losing and pushing yourself into a bigger position.



The second week is over and it was like expected. Absolutely stressful…
The launch for Funnelstartups didn’t go as expected. We managed to get people on board, but it was way more work than we thought and we learned that the product we created wasn’t perfect enough.
So we are already creating new products and searching for new options.
It was a massive learning curve, and as always things turned out differently and we had to accept that the work is not done and we need to improve.
But we will definitely continue and already looking forward to go all in with our new clients.
Because off all this we didn’t work much on our 10k in 10 week challenge. And also with everything else we couldn’t catch up. Not much quality time, almost no sport. Not really healthy food. Everything went a bit out of hand…
But this is part of the journey, and we knew this.
At the moment we are way behind with everything, we are behind with our money goal, we are behind with our personal goals.
But we take this as a massive motivation to keep moving and to break through with our challenge.
Lets start week 3!


Week 3 is over and done…and this week was just flying by.
We worked hard on our new product for Funnel Startups. But the progress is going too slow at the moment. We realized that it is much harder than expected to produce additional courses.
The progress with our own course and database is still delayed…it feels like we are not moving nearly towards our goals. Because of this we didn’t do a lot of client work.
In case of earnings and followers we are behind. So the project is moving forward, but not as good as we want.
The positive things are, we are absolutely in the flow with our sports program and the life quality is high at the moment. We also took a day off which was great. We spend some quality time together and went shopping. Sometimes it is all about investing in yourself before you can earn on the other side.
We are learning a lot. We are building and we are investing. Because we know we have to do this. If you are missing out on this and if you don’t realize that life quality comes first, you will loose along the way.
Week 3 was a massive learning curve, we also had a few arguments, because we both are stepping constantly out of our comfort zone. But everything what is happening at the moment is good. Everything happens for a reason.
And exactly this learning curve took us back to basic, towards the end of the week. We started to remember how successful we have been months ago, and what tactic worked best. Sometimes you have to remember and go back. After changing strategies and focussing differently, it seems that things are changing. Our engagement goes better, our workflow is smoother, and the structure of our processes starts to make much more sense.
We are ready for week 4, even if this is the first time we don’t exactly know what to expect.


Week 4 is over and it was a great one. But it was also our most exhausting one. We created, produced and we did the biggest social media push ever. After we took a step back last week, and we remembered what our business is all about, we startet to go back to basic.

We managed to grow our group by 700 new members. We have 800 new followers on Instagram and a couple 1000 new friends on Facebook. We created emotional posts and we spoke to endless people on social media.

And then the magic begun.

We started to make sales, and we have endless new leads.

We learned so much this week. Things we already knew, but we forgot about it.
Sometimes you have to take a step back and reorganize yourself.
Sometimes you have to go out of this tunnel and change your point of view. It was absolutely worth every single second.

Now after week four we are back on track.
Our products are still not finished. And we will have a lot of work to do next week.
Also our social time was very little this week, we didn’t sleep much and we spend most of the time at home and worked.

So next week we wanna catch up with this as well.

We are ready for week five. And then we already have half time. And there is still so much to do, and so much to improve and to catch up with. But even if we missed out on social time, we are highly motivated for week five.



Finally we made it into half time. Week 5 is over and we are almost there.
Every time you think you get super tired, you find a way to get some extra energy.

And week 5 was definitely about this. We produced, we built products, we served clients, we organized meetings and masterminds and we worked like there is no tomorrow. And sometimes it feels a little bit like this.
It is half time and there are 5 more weeks to go. While I am writing this it is already Tuesday. So we are behind as always. Tomorrow we will fly to Kuala Lumpur for a Visa Run. Only for two days. Back on Friday. But it shorts down the week. Which is good because it gives us some quality time and this is highly needed.

We are already focusing on week 7. Looking at week 6 as a recovery. And by the end of week 6 we will be definitely ready with the new products from Funnelstartups. It is time to bring traffic in. And this is what we can do best.

This journey is exciting and tiring at the same time. But it just makes so much sense, and it is the proof that you can achieve everything you want if you just fight for it.



Week 6 is over and there are only 4 weeks left. Only 28 live sessions left I have to do….
Kind of looking forward to the end. But so far it is  a great experience. However, even if we are over half time, there is still a lot to do.
Week 6 was a relaxing on. We were in Kuala Lumpur and we took 2 days off. This really helped to relax.
We also finished everything with our project Funnel Startups. Finally we are ready to go. Week 7 will be all about promotion. We are very excited about this.
In the last couple weeks, we created and built so many different things. It is nice to finishing projects and to get space for new ones.
But there is still a lot of work left and we still have 4 weeks to go. But we are doing good at the moment.
Funnel Startups is a amazing project and we are learning a lot at the moment. It is exciting to see how you can improve everything by setting up simple processes.
For now we wanna focus on this project. Step by step to success and sustainability. So lets bring it on week 7. We are ready to go!



What an amazing week this was. Finally we can see results of all the hard work from the last couple weeks.
Let’s have a look back….
We startet with Funnel Startups in Week 2. The brand and the idea was created in week one and we jumped straight into this adventure. We started with a high ticket product. The first launch didn’t go as expected and we started to change things straight away and worked on new products. It was hectic and we did a lot of market research to figure out what our potential customer wanted and needed.
Because of all the hectic we decided to take a step back in week 3 and to analyze…
And after this things started to go better. We had a clearer vision about our product and how it should be.
And the business in a box solution was becoming perfect. All based on simple solutions and easy tools. We were ready for the next move. Things started to look better and we went back on track.
And now, finally after 7 weeks we can lay back a little bit. It is still a lot of work. But once you see the clear vision and once you know what to focus on, everything becomes smoother.
In week 7 we did a lot of tuning and optimised settings on everything. We are still not done, but we are finally ready and prepared for whatever comes next.
Now we are moving on to the next move. And this is all about creating an audience. And this audience will become our success. Because now we are talking about a vision. Inside out and without pressure.
3 weeks left, to make things perfect! We can’t wait for it !



We are slowly finishing up. Funnelstartups is launched and we are starting to look back.
It was an intense time. We had a lot of ups and downs and we are still not done.
But things are looking good.
So lets have a look back.
Last week we worked on our vision and we created a platform for the audience.
This platform integrates a lot freebies and as much value as possible.
To enter this platform, we send our traffic through our free group we created.
And then warming everybody up to join us for a very little payment in our Vip group.
We think this is a perfect tactic and the ideal way to help people and connecting them. The rest is a self runner.
For now everything is created, and we can lay back a little bit. Obviously there is still a lot to do and the future will tell how good we really did.
But for now it is all about traffic and engagement. So for the last two weeks we will only focus on these two things.
Always remember to have a proper strategy behind your launches, and always be prepared for a plan B. Because things usually never work out in the first place.


Week 9 as a very quite one…. We took 4 days off and went to the islands. Because we worked very hard over the last couple weeks and it was time to create content.
Going away for a couple days was the perfect decision and it gave us the opportunity to increase our social media engagement and to put a lot of content and value on our social media platforms.
This was a strategy move and it paid off well.
Always make sure to have enough content, so you can engage and make your audience curious.
Now we already started into the last week. And actually there is not much left to say about week 9.
But one thing is for sure, from now on we will start to create a lot of content and value to keep our new customers accountable and to make sure everyone is satisfied. From now on, one of the most important processes starts, to make sure everything runs smoothly and to keep this business running!
We are looking forward to finishing this project now. It was a very long product launch but it paid off well.
So we are finishing up everything in week 10 and by the end of this week we will provide you all the numbers about this amazing project. A detailed list about how to made 10’000 dollars in 10 weeks.


Its done…finally. What an exiting time and what a intense ride through ups and downs.

We already looked back last week and the week before on the tactics and the different moves we did over the last weeks
So you know how it worked…you know about the ups and downs and the struggle.

Time to present some numbers. This project was all about numbers. Everything about the number then.

First things first. We reached the 10’000 follower on our Instagram. To check this out follow @homelessnhappy.

In week one we started with a high ticket product for 1000 $. A intense coaching course about how to build an online business in 6 weeks.
This one we sold 4 times. We managed to get 200 Signups for a webinar which we promoted all over social media. And out of this we made 4 Sales. The promotion was only through free, organic traffic. Zero marketing costs.

3 weeks later we switched to a medium product, called business in a box, and produced a Facebook course. All together 300$.

We managed to sell this product through our Facebook group and our website 11 times. This adds up to a total of 3300$. So far we had one refund, which brings us back to 3000$. In total we already made 7000$.

Obviously people wanna have additional support. And this is where you can make a nice extra money. We started to offer coaching on our business in a box solution.  We charge 150$ for a one hour coaching session. So far we sold 8 of this coaching sessions. Which brings us an extra of 1200$.

All this we managed to get done before week 7.

Now we started to retarget leads. Through our Facebook group, Email campaigns and our website we reached another 6 clients. 3 times we sold business in a box and one time we sold the high ticket coaching through retargeting. All this adds up to 1600$ and gave us a total of 9800$.

In week 8 we only missed out on 200$.

And we didn’t even paid promotions till then. But we built a big community and we had a lot op people who showed interest in our new brand. But a lot of them weren’t sure about buying or joining our courses.

To make a bigger impact we started a free trial and a very little subscription to join our members area in the group and to get direct access to us. This really helped to build a comfort zone for potential customers.

Beginning of week 9 we had 37 signups for the 7$ members area. This adds up to 259$. On the free trial we had 4 refunds. In total this means we made 231$.

By the end of week 10 this adds up to 10’031$. And by now we have even more signups.

After 10 weeks we made 10’031$ and we have a fully functional funnel in social media on different platforms.

We are ready now to show this product to influencers and affiliate marketers. Giving them a good commission and making sure not to invest a lot of money in marketing and promotions.

And this is it. This is how you make 10’000$ in 10 weeks.

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