Since we living abroad for quite a while already, we always take care of having a medical insurance. This is essential to us and we would never be without one! Anything can happen and you just want to be on the safe side.

We already tested a lot and we are super satisfied with our current one. As we get lots of questions regarding this topic, we decided to write this blogpost.

Most medical insurances expect you to be still registered in a country. For us this is not the case. That’s why we really struggled  finding a medical insurance which is tailored to suit digital nomads of all kinds, perfectly suiting our lifestyle.


We got introduced to SafetyWing, which was founded by digital nomads also, which means satisfying the needs of other digital nomads of much more personal as much as it is business. Interestingly, it covers a whole range of individuals, no age limit and freelancers as young as the age of 14 can register.
Already a digital nomad, on the road, travelling, that isn’t an issue. Their registration and rental are such that you could register and renew when you want to, and you could also stop when you want to.  Lastly, there are absolutely no restrictions on the duration of your travel.
SafetyWing which is made by digital nomads and for digital nomads; as stated earlier knows that being a digital nomad can be a whole lot of fun, using the world as your workplace, remote, and not being stereotyped to 9-5 working hours, making money online and travelling around the world. 
For most digital nomads, it is exciting to know that all you have can be summed up into your backpack, quick, fast, flexible and adaptable, you are ready to move and explore new places. However, just like every other venture, digital nomads have their fears.


First, deciding to be one can be super-scary, like having a significant uncertainty of what the future holds. Many don’t consider it a “real job ” and go on to have financial insecurities and tiny things that can be disturbing like having a packing routine, how to store or save essential documents, where to go in a city they don’t know too well bother them. Good news!!

At SafetyWing they have been there, at every point where you are asking yourself of this decision was worth it and how you can cope with everything coming down at you, with constant moving and packing.  They are here, so the fun isn’t squeezed out.


Their Passion

To let you see what drives them to work so hard and stay true to this course, you did like to know a little bit of how they started. Three Genius minds; Sondre Rasch, Hans Nyvold Kjellby, and Sarah Beyahte Sandnes born in Norway which has the best cover for, digital nomads, freelancers, entrepreneurs. They saw the holes and insecurities a digital nomad face even with such near-perfect system and the opportunities, benefits those who work full time have that digital nomads don’t enjoy such as taking sick leave, or pregnancy leave, pensions or retirement plans and unemployment protection. To them, digital nomads don’t have support systems in these systems, and they end up falling through geese holes.

This keen, and thoughtful observation and a strong desire to change these, led to the registration of an independent Start-up in California in 2017. It is in partnership with a plan administration -Tokio Marine HCC. The Financial Conduct Authority regulates it. The company which is growing an expansion currently is working with a small Team of precisely seven digital nomads, including experienced insurance experts. Did I mention that they have a team where they are all digital nomads? 

Their passion is therefore evident to solve the biggest problems of digital nomads, which is lack of income stability, and financial insecurities, which most employees get through the government or their employees. Digital Nomads and freelancers would be protected and secured, and they want them to feel that way too, no difference between those who work full time for the government or privacy agencies, or those who are contracted by either of these agencies. Every one working via the internet has a right to feel safe, expand grow and maximize this healthy lifestyle. The ultimate goal is income stabilization, taking care of the problem of income variability the digital nomad faces.  Everywhere a digital nomad finds themselves, and there should be everything, from standardized and complete health care package to disability care and ultimately pensions.

Digital Nomad Insurance

Their “Digital Nomad Insurance” is a travel AND medical insurance.  It provides the best service for digital nomads who are the pioneers, great minds of their world. This offer is on an international platform, this insurance covers you in every country including the country of origin of the digital nomad.  Most insurances offer just either travel insurance or health insurance. However, they are delivering both. They provide a list of hospitals, health care centers, as well as physicians in your destination. Let’s break their policies further down so you would know all that it covers. 

Travel – Medical Insurance


Your health is super important, it is to is them, and it should be to you too. Most digital nomads mostly tend to feel invisible. However, what happens when you fall off a bike on a rigid terrain or take some ethnic cuisine that much upset your stomach or gets an allergy. That’s what this policy is all about. It is one thing covering everything. This policy covers your ambulances, hospital stays, consultations, an emergency crew like dental emergencies, and a lot more. It gets better cause chiropractic care, and physical therapy is covered, as long as you hit a referral from your physician, and you have a limit (I wouldn’t call it that though) of $50.00.

Before registration though, you would be asked or checked for preexisting diagnosed conditions within two years before coming under the cover (this includes a list of some physiological and physical conditions), and they are not covered. This policy is excellent, especially for those of them who travel a whole lot. Sometimes you might be in your country or your home, and you are probably already protected by your national healthcare or any other structure as that. But if your country doesn’t have a National Healthcare or any stricture designed to give affordable and proper health care service and after spending 90 days abroad with SafetyWing, you can still enjoy medical coverage for 30 days after from the day you arrived back to your country.

As much as they got you covered for every health emergency, they also got you covered on keeping fit. Upon travelling the world and landing on a couch and chilling with an internet connection, you are also included on recreational sport, (Well, non-competitive for now). Yes!!, it’s all in their policy. You could go, kite surfing, boxing or light wrestling. Kiting, biking or quad biking, parachuting also, or paragliding if you like even rafting or whitewater rafting and sleighing. With certification or the presence of a professional instructor, scuba diving is equally covered in this policy.  It Is, however, essential to note that Sport and Recreation organized by a professional body, 


As a most digital nomad, one would think you have a plan for booking flights or handling missing luggage or how to handle emergency movement where and the best places to stay.  One time a digital nomad got accused of being a terrorist in Country. Took a lot to convince them he wasn’t. In this policy, an evacuation plan is included, especially for those with the upper limit. Evacuations like terrorism evacuation and also emergency evacuation. Guess what? They got you covered in all the small areas you most likely wouldn’t think of yourself. For example, their privacy covers you during natural disasters, it covers replacement accommodation, also covering replacing your languages. 

How covered are you? You may like to ask. During travel delays, for example, you are covered with up to as much as $100, and that is a day.  When you loose luggage at the airport or any other form of transportation channel, if you like a complaint about the things you lost with the airline, or station or terminal, you are covered up to $3000.  During trip interruptions too and knowing how inconvenient it can be for you, you are covered with a maximum of $5000 — all with a formal complaint submitted.


How It Works

The model of this insurance is from, the Norwegian SafetyWing which they make it available to every digital nomad across the globe by making it online. It gets better. Registration and renewing are flexible and super affordable. 
Registration is open to both U. S citizens and non-U. S citizens from the age of 14 years and with age limit.   And all you have to do as part of the flexibility of this insurance model is to subscribe every four weeks, more like how you have your Netflix subscription, and it is entirely renewable.
Their customer support is available 24/7 and is accessible irrespective of time calk with them is indelible, and they have a competent team that is entirely accommodative and ready to listen. They could quickly start from the fact that compared to other insurance providers are prices are amazingly affordable. It is why most people go for it.
Here is a break down; you could chevy for same worldwide coverage they offer one-third of the price of even their larges competition, which is mind-blowing. In plain terms, they are saying that for just $37 for four weeks, which is a month, you have worldwide travel and medical insurance. It is so good, and it is so true.




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