Most of you have heard of the term ‘digital nomad’ before, but often do not have a real idea of ​​it. Digital nomads are people who can work from anywhere regardless of location and all they need is their laptop and a working Internet connection.

In short, they can travel the world and work while doing so.

What is still a wishful thinking for many is no longer a dream for some. The fact that one travels the world, in addition saves costs for office, equipment and further additional costs, makes it all the more attractive. If you are traveling in a country where the cost of living is low and your income is the one from ‘home’ you sure have a great lifestyle. Which, by the way, is absolutely feasible.

Traveling around the world, being in the best places and working from anywhere is wonderful. However, to be a successful digital worker you need a lot of self-discipline. Instead of sitting in the sun on the beach with your laptop, you have to at times find a not so fancy place and get your work done. Like all other workers, they have to do their job, and that’s only possible if you focus on it and do not get distracted.

Most people think that digital nomads are all computer specialists. The good news is, they are not!

There are countless opportunities for everyone, with or without digital experience, to work as a digital nomad.

Maybe you have been thinking about it for some time and just do not know exactly what the next steps are. If this post encourages you, we are very happy.

Here are 10 possible opportunities to work as a digital nomad:

1. Blogger / Influencer
Bloggers are probably the most common jobs as a digital nomad. All you need is your own website, a lot of work and patience. There you can act as an influencer in a special niche and earn money with affiliate marketing, advertising and further online products.

2. Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is a performance based marketing in which a business rewards you for each new visitor or user you bring to their website. In short, you convey products and get a commission. A blog is not necessary for this. It also works great on social media channels. So if you are very active on Facebook or other social media platforms, try it out. Affiliate partners are for example: Amazon, Digistore24, Affilinet and Zanox.

3. Online portals
Through various online portals you can find a variety of jobs that can be done from anywhere. For example go have a look on Upwork or Peopleperhour. Even those of you who do not have a relevant experience will find some kind of work that they will enjoy doing.

4. Microjobs
Apps like ‘Jobber’ make it easy to earn money on the go. One manages smaller jobs such as taking photos of landmarks, checking street signs or capturing advertising posters. You can earn between 1-5 € per job. If you complete several a day, it sure will add up.

5. Online Shop
A further opportunity is to run an online store without actually owning the products that you sell. This is called drop shipping. The advantage is that you can earn money day and night regardless of your working hours.

6. Home Office
If you want more flexibility in your current job, you can try to suggest to your boss to do your job from ‘home’ or in this case from wherever you are in this world. What works in the home office, works from anywhere in the world.

7. Social Media Consultant
Do you know your way around with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and know marketing strategies around social media? Excellent! Then this job would be something for you! Try to approach companies that have no or in your opinion a very poor social media presence, and offer them your help.

8. Sell your photos
If you like to take pictures and get some great pictures, you should think about making a profit out of them. There are many portals like ‘SmugMug’ on which you can display and sell your photos.

9. Write travel reports
If you love to write and put your thoughts on paper, this may be the perfect opportunity for you. On portals such as ‘tripsbytips’ or ‘globepic’ you can submit your travel reports, which in return gets you some extra money.

10. Trading
If you are interested in numbers and have a feel for it, then you should consider whether to start to trade. There are several possibilities such as buying shares or start investing in the Crypto market, which is currently a big topic.

We hope this article has helped to to get more information about the possibilities of becoming a digital nomad.
Living this lifestyle can truly change everything and its even much more easier than you might have thought.

If you dream about to work and travel don´t wait for it. TAKE ACTION and start!
Even if your ultimate goal is not just living abroad but create a 100% location independent business thats the right way to go.

Feel free to contact us anytime for further information.

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