Recently we visited Bangkok because it was time for a visa run and Oli’s brother and his girlfriend were there.

Visa-Run = You have to leave the country because the visa expires. Afterward you enter the country again to get a new visa. This is even possible on the same day.

We both have been to Bangkok several times. However, it was the first time as a digital nomad. So we informed us about what Bangkok offers for digital nomads.

Why Bangkok?
Most digital nomads are in northern Thailand, in Chang Mai.
But since this is not too far away from Bangkok, the digital nomad scene isn´t small in Bangkok. If you are focusing on factors like climate, affordability, city size and internet speed Bangkok is one of the top cities for digital nomads. First of all – the living expenses are cheap and the people are very friendly in Thailand. That makes you feel incredibly welcome and comfortable. Whoever has never been to Asia, we can highly recommend Thailand for the first Asian country to visit. Thailand is very well developed for tourism, which makes it definitely easier for beginners. What makes it even more attractive is that you get cheap domestic flights through airlines like Air Asia, Lion Air and NokAir which makes it possible to get a quick weekend getaway. Ko Samet Island is just 2.5 hours from Bangkok and is perfect for a short break in paradise. Mainly there are the locals who want to escape the big city madness. Tourists are not very familiar with this island, they prefer to go to the islands in the south.

We had such a good time in Bangkok. Lisa drove us around in the TukTuk.


Making new friends
Finding new friends is not difficult in Bangkok. Many expats from all over the world live in the big metropolis. From permanent employees in large companies to English teachers to digital nomads from all over the world, everything is represented there. In most districts expats and locals live side by side. If you are still struggling with socializing you should head to Khaosan Road. There you will quickly get into conversation while having a cool Chang beer.

Bangkok has a great infrastructure. Unlike in the other Asian areas, it is not recommend to travel by scooter in there because the traffic is really hard to handle. You should rather choose public transport. The Skytrain and the express boats on the river Chao Phraya are particularly convenient and well connected.

The food in Bangkok/Thailand is healthy and not expensive! It’s pretty easy to eat for $ 5 a day and it’s really delicious and healthy. Personally, the food in Thailand is much tastier in comparison to the rest of Asian countries. You really should try tasty Tom Yam Soup and delicious Mango Sticky Rice for dessert.

We had an amazing dinner


Overnight stays in hostels or even small apartments are cheap as well. For about $ 300 you get a nice 1-bedroom service apartment. A service apartment is a fully furnished apartment which includes services like cleaning and laundry. It has the facilities like a hotel but provides more convenience and privacy. Perfect for short- or longterm.
In almost every corner you can find a 7-Eleven shop where you can buy small snacks and the most necessary articles. Additional large supermarkets such as Tesco Lotus and Big C are often nearby.

Internet connection
In general, the internet connection in Bangkok is very good. You have access to free WIFI in almost every cafe/restaurant . We recommend getting a local SIM card for your mobile phone upon arrival. For about 500 baht, which is about $ 16, you can enjoy unlimited Internet for a month.

Coworking Spaces
There are plenty of coworking spaces like HUBBA, The Hive Thonglor and Klique Desk where you can work in peace and interact with other Digital Nomads and got all the modern comforts of home. Also interesting are the regularly held events in the coworking spaces, which are about current topics of interest. Definitely recommended!

Coworking Space = a place with high speed Internet where you can work productively in the company of other digital nomads.

Of course you also have to deal with the issue of visas if you want to stay there for more than 30 days. For a two-month visa you need to pay about $ 55, which you have to apply for in advance. It is also possible to get a visa for 90 days. For more details, please contact your local embassy as the restrictions change all the time.


Events for Digital Nomads
Annually one of the most famous events for digital nomads and online marketer takes place in Bangkok. The Affiliate World Asia is the largest conference in the world where the elite of the affiliate gathers. With over 3000 attendees, over 30 speakers and more than 130 exhibitors it offers endless networking opportunities.

If you are a Digital Nomad and you are still looking for a warm place where to spend winter you should consider Bangkok! Its such an interesting and diversified city and we will definitely come back.


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