Is it the most confusing place in the world ? We don’t know for sure, because we haven’t been everywhere.

But it is definitely a place which is hard to handle. And I know! I used to life there for almost a year. I was running a business there.
This place teached me so much. This place was driving me completely crazy and at the end it was the place where I had a few of my happiest days in my life.

I was selling motorbikes in this crazy city, I was teaching english and I was doing a few other things.
If you come to Hanoi the first time, it will be overwhelming. The smell, the traffic and the people.

You either will love or hate it.

But if you decide to love it will be massively rewarding.
I used to live in different apartments. From the city centre down to West lake I saw a few. Some better and some where real shit holes.
But it was always a life experience, The people are so generous, even to live in a shitty place you will feel welcome.
My favorite place was always around west lake. Some people will say it is a bit touristy. But I liked it, because sometimes it is nice to stay in a westernized area where you can find similar products like you know from home.

It will take a while till you adopt yourself to this city. It is easy to find your way and to make a living. But I also have seen a lot of people struggling.

There are not this much places to visit if you just visit as a tourist.
Obviously you have the war museum and the Ho Chi Minh memorial. Also the old town is very attractive and you will find so many side streets to get lost. But at the end of the day you will be happy to leave after two days. It is just to much to take in and this is not very attracting…

Or the city sucks you in and you get lost. Happens to a few of us including me.Then you will find in a place full of outlaws and lost souls.

And then you will discover that this place is still like the wild west and you have the possibility to do what you want, if you are willing to take the risk and pay the price. There is something magical in the air.

At the end of the day I am happy I found the way out of this city after a long time. But I will always remember this city as my magical place. The place where I lost myself to find a new me.

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