Because we have been in Bali for about 2 months, we are getting more and more into contact with the Balinese culture and Hinduism. From the beginning we were very interested in it because of it has a very special peaceful, spiritual flair.

Bali, in contrast to the rest of Indonesia, is predominantly Hindu. Nearly 95% of the islanders belong to Hinduism. This fact makes this island so unique. Otherwise Hinduism is only very common in India and Nepal.

Almost conspicuous are the small colorful baskets which can be found on the sidewalk in nearly every front of the doorway. The Balinese believe in gods and demons. The gods are supposed to live in the mountains and the demons in the sea. To make them lenient and to create a connection they make these nice offerings which are made of palm leaves. The baskets are filled with flowers, rice, fruits, sweets and a lit incense stick in the middle. They are placed in the front of doorways, temples, statues, cars and many other places. You can not overlook them. The offerings on the floor are dedicated to the demons, the ones on the top are dedicated to the gods.


Offering to the demons. Made of palmleafes.


Currently we live in a nice area in Canggu and we see every day how the women, who are dressed in traditional robes, lay down the offerings. These traditions determine the whole life of the Balinese. From an early age they experience countless ceremonies and rituals. It is simply normal and indispensable to the Balinese culture.


Balinese woman wearing their traditional outfits for the daily rituals. In the baskets are the offerings which they place for the gods and demons.


Another big thing are temples in Bali. The island is called the island of a thousand temples. In fact, there are even more than 20,000. Each household has its own house temple. The bigger and more magnificent the temple, the more prosperous is the family. The temples are even more important to the Balinese than their homes. In fact it is said that Bali has more temples than houses. This is crazy, isn´t it?

We have already seen countless sacrificial offerings and celebrations and are fascinated each time again. The most fascinating fact for us is that the Balinese don´t do these rites for tourists, it just goes along with their normal daily routine.

This topic is for us incredibly exciting and we hope that you feel the same way.

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