If you wanna start an Online Business you need to grow organically.
You probably don’t have any money to invest in ads anyway. And you don’t know anything about your audience.

So first things first. You need to start to build an audience. And the best way to do this is organically.
You need to build trust, you need to build an inner circle. And you have to do this organically.

Facebook is the perfect platform for this. Facebook gives you all the tools you need and provides you every information about your client.

Over the last years we created a strategy called the triangle principle. It’s all about seeing the connections from the offline world into the online world and using very similar strategies to set up a business and to grow it.

All this needs to happen organically. You need to be in control of your audience, you need to do market research and you need to be 100 percent hands on with your leads and clients.

This and many other facts are the reasons why we choose to grow our business complete organically and we are still doing it. Organic growth in combination with Facebook is the perfect opportunity to scale your business while having full control.

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