Decision made! We are going to stay for another three months on this beautiful place of earth.

After telling you in our last blog entry that we lost our hearts to Bali, we made the decision that we want to settle here for a while. Traveling is incredibly fun but sometimes it’s nice to stay in one place for a longer period of time. It can be exhausting to repack your backpack every 3 days and move on with your heavy luggage. You also get to know the country, its people and their culture much more better when you experience their daily life for a while. Another advantage is that it is simply much more cheaper if you don´t move all the time.

But honestly we made this decision because we feel so incredibly comfortable here. We love the people, the magical flair, the weather, the nature and especially our little new home. We achieved an absolute hit in the choice of our accommodation. So far we lived in a nice little room with a pool in front of our door. As it turned out, the owner expanded and since a few days we are blessed to live in a brand new beautiful bungalow it´s own kitchen, an outside-jungle bathroom and the coziest bed we had in Asia so far.


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