What is this flashpacking actually?

Everyone knows the classic backpacking. You travel with a fully packed backpack from hostel to hostel. Mostly young bachelor or high school graduates and students, often spend their leisure time and semester breaks with traveling. They kill some of their brain cells with excessive drinking and laughing gas balloons. Does it sound like Ballermann? It’s almost synonymous. Just as if this is not enough, you have to share with these people also a room. 12 people on a smallest room in bunk beds are not a rarity. If you’re unlucky, the bed is still dirty, my bed neighbor underneath me snores like crazy and a twenty year old guy makes love to his new girlfriend. To get a bit of privacy, you go to the community toilet in the hallway, but unfortunately someone has completely vomited all over before, and finally a cockroach runs over your foot.

After a sleepless night, you pack up your backpack early in the morning to catch the first bus at 6:00 am. There is no time for breakfast, but if you have the choice between scrambled eggs and fried rice, the decision is not very difficult. So you are absolutely tired, but now you have to go to your planned departure point with your heavy backpack. After an hour delay, the bus finally arrives, but is already so busy that there is only one place left next to the stinking toilet. You must hold on to this seat. 15 hours drive and 4 short stops later you are just glad to be able to leave this bus. You are on your way to the next hostel. Of course on foot. Completely exhausted you arrive at the next party hostel …

That all sounds terrible to you?!?!?! This is exactly what we think.

But however, we want to travel with our backpack from place to place and be spontaneous. We want to get to know people and cultures. We want to live like a backpacker, but we do not want to travel like that. We are FLASHPACKER! Comfort adventurers who want to enjoy traveling. We want to go out with our backpack just as well, just a bit more luxurious. We do not sleep in dorms, but in nice little hotels with air conditioning. We do not bother our self with 24-hour bus rides, we prefer to take a short flights. We often enjoy a nice dinner in a restaurant rather than eat snacks from the supermarket. The classic backpacking is simply too strenuous. We are too old for beer bong drinking and EDM music. We like to have a day full of adventure, and coming back home to enjoy the sunset with a nice glass of red wine.

The flashpacker generation is mostly between 25 and 40 years old. They usually have more money than the backpacker, so they can afford a little bit more comfort. Often they are firmly in their professional life, but they do not want to undertake classic travel packages. They want to experience adventures – traveling around the world, learning about the country and its cultures.

In short, we are individual travelers who are price-conscious, but simply add more value to comfort.

In our blog, we will take you on our trip and tell you of course all about the great hotels, spots and much more.

We wanna take you out on our journey around the world, and we are very excited about your feedback.

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