We know that remote workers love spontaneity and thats a reason for choosing their job. The freedom to do their job while they seeing the globe. However, there are some tools that we would like to introduce to you that simplify our lives and we really don´t want to miss. Especially if you work remotely and location independent, you should pay attention to certain things and prepare sufficiently. So these are our must-haves for every remote long-term traveler:


Hitlist helps to find the best flight deals and bargains. If you are looking for scoring the best deal on your next flight or just want to get an amazing deal, that´s the way to go.

Who of you guys know this situation: There is an interesting article coming across, but no time to read it. We often remember it later, but there is no chance to find it again. Here comes the solution! Pocket stores all articles super fast, that you are able to read it whenever you have the time to.

There is a difference between being on vacation in a city or living there. Most of us are used to spend more money in their holidays as they would do back home. It´s all about enjoying the vacation. But Digital Nomads usually have to tighten their belts a little more because it´s their everyday life. Suddenly you have to deal with the local rental rates and the question of the cheapest supermarket. Indispensable is the information about the living conditions and costs that you receive via Teleport or Nomadlist. Additionally you get information about national security and weather condition.

If you work online, you need reliable internet and you do not have time to get angry about bad WiFI connections. Workfrom  shows you the best worker-friendly cafes. If you prefer working in co-working spaces, you can choose Coworker to find your favorite one.



Products for online productivity are getting more and more necessary but nowadays for Digital Nomads, they are absolutely essential!

Every Digital Nomad needs to be organized. That´s why a proper to-do list is indispensable! We can highly recommend Todoist. You can categorize your items by types and deadlines or just follow your straightforward list.

If you are working on different projects and you need to keep track, Trello is an amazing tool. It uses a card system for organizing any worktypes and its incredibly easy to use.

Another important point is storage. You need a back up for your work (and pictures of course) as well as you need to find a way for sharing files easily. The best solution for us is Dropbox  and for transferring large files WeTransfer.



You are looking for an opportunity to communicate with your team? Slack is a revolutional cloud-based team chat tool. It allows you to share messages, chat with individuals or in groups, and edit documents. Online services like Dropbox, Google Drive or GitHub can be integrated into Slack.

Get in touch with fellow nomads. Meetup is a platform where you are able to organize events in your current location, learn new things with other people or meet like-minded digital nomads.

Google Translate helps you even without an internet connection to overcome language barriers. It translates words, phrases and short sentences. It´s possible to download 50 languages and get offline access which is quite convenient.


But a very important point is – never forget why you quit your 9-5 job. Sometimes you should simply enjoy your time and travelling without taking a look at your mobile phone every 5 minutes.







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