10 weeks to 10 K


The first week was very hectic. We worked on many different things at the same time and it was hard to keep track and focus.

After one week we haven’t reached our target yet. But so far this is no problem. We are setting up many many things at the same time and preparing the break through!

And we think this is one of the most important lessons everyone has to learn. You have to bleed first before you win.

To talk a little bit more details. Costumers already confirmed that they are going to join the course. But we are still waiting for payments. Besides this we managed to set up different leads, which we hopefully can turn into sales this week.

The video course is delayed because of technical issues. But we are positive to solve this problem this week and latest to go live by the end of this week.

The project Funnel Startups takes the most work at the moment. Setting up all the promotions and generating leads for the webinar is hard work. But we are making good progress, and by the end of this week, we will know if it worked out.

Besides this we did sport, and followed all the rules we set to ourselves. So everything is on track and works out.

Week number two will become the hardest of all weeks, we guess. Because now the push through really starts. It is all about the mindset and we know that all the products we set up for our challenge need to go live this week.

So week number two will cost a lot of energy.

But we know exactly what we are working for. And if you follow your dreams, then you have to overcome the fear of losing and pushing yourself into a bigger position.

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    Jackie Jones
    29. May 2018 at 4:25 pm

    Really cool post! I knew I had to click when I saw it as I’m trying something similar. 90 Days to Digital Nomad – I’m on day 29. When I decided I was finally going to pick myself up and relocate to England, that also meant changing tons of things and the way I do them. Not only as it relates to business, but necessary mindset shifts that need to happen. Definitely going to keep following your progress. Great inspiration!

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