10 weeks to 10 K


Its done…finally. What an exiting time and what a intense ride through ups and downs.

We already looked back last week and the week before on the tactics and the different moves we did over the last weeks
So you know how it worked…you know about the ups and downs and the struggle.

Time to present some numbers. This project was all about numbers. Everything about the number then.

First things first. We reached the 10’000 follower on our Instagram. To check this out follow @homelessnhappy.

In week one we started with a high ticket product for 1000 $. A intense coaching course about how to build an online business in 6 weeks.
This one we sold 4 times. We managed to get 200 Signups for a webinar which we promoted all over social media. And out of this we made 4 Sales. The promotion was only through free, organic traffic. Zero marketing costs.

3 weeks later we switched to a medium product, called business in a box, and produced a Facebook course. All together 300$.

We managed to sell this product through our Facebook group and our website 11 times. This adds up to a total of 3300$. So far we had one refund, which brings us back to 3000$. In total we already made 7000$.

Obviously people wanna have additional support. And this is where you can make a nice extra money. We started to offer coaching on our business in a box solution.  We charge 150$ for a one hour coaching session. So far we sold 8 of this coaching sessions. Which brings us an extra of 1200$.

All this we managed to get done before week 7.

Now we started to retarget leads. Through our Facebook group, Email campaigns and our website we reached another 6 clients. 3 times we sold business in a box and one time we sold the high ticket coaching through retargeting. All this adds up to 1600$ and gave us a total of 9800$.

In week 8 we only missed out on 200$.

And we didn’t even paid promotions till then. But we built a big community and we had a lot op people who showed interest in our new brand. But a lot of them weren’t sure about buying or joining our courses.

To make a bigger impact we started a free trial and a very little subscription to join our members area in the group and to get direct access to us. This really helped to build a comfort zone for potential customers.

Beginning of week 9 we had 37 signups for the 7$ members area. This adds up to 259$. On the free trial we had 4 refunds. In total this means we made 231$.

By the end of week 10 this adds up to 10’031$. And by now we have even more signups.

After 10 weeks we made 10’031$ and we have a fully functional funnel in social media on different platforms.

We are ready now to show this product to influencers and affiliate marketers. Giving them a good commission and making sure not to invest a lot of money in marketing and promotions.

And this is it. This is how you make 10’000$ in 10 weeks.


To see the full training video about the strategy and to have a step by step guide, click here.




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    8. July 2018 at 5:16 pm

    You guys are the best!!! I’m happy to be part of this amazing game 🙂 because end of the day it’s just a game… <3

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