10 weeks to 10 K


The second week is over and it was like expected. Absolutely stressful…
The launch for Funnelstartups didn’t go as expected. We managed to get people on board, but it was way more work than we thought and we learned that the product we created wasn’t perfect enough.
So we are already creating new products and searching for new options.
It was a massive learning curve, and as always things turned out differently and we had to accept that the work is not done and we need to improve.
But we will definitely continue and already looking forward to go all in with our new clients.
Because off all this we didn’t work much on our 10k in 10 week challenge. And also with everything else we couldn’t catch up. Not much quality time, almost no sport. Not really healthy food. Everything went a bit out of hand…
But this is part of the journey, and we knew this.
At the moment we are way behind with everything, we are behind with our money goal, we are behind with our personal goals.
But we take this as a massive motivation to keep moving and to break through with our challenge.
Lets start week 3!

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